zaterdag 20 januari 2018

Damcase - PI03

The 3rd record from Pi Electronics is by the Rotterdam based, Thessaloniki born producer, Damcase. PI03 includes five original tracks of punky electro and techno, flavoured with Damcase’s riffs and noisy aesthetic. Sharp percussions, along with distorted grooves and broken beats, as well as some experimentation with voltage control techniques. The label reveals new colours on its palette, though not shifting away from its character.

vrijdag 19 januari 2018

The Wheal - Body

Initially a one-off performance act combining visual arts and found-sound, The Wheal has evolved into a full-fledged music project whose lineage traces back to early 80's industrial and synth-pop bands as well as modern day electronics. From heavy drum-machine and synthetic bass-lines to ritual/ambient sequences, The Wheal's dark romanticism is equal parts channeling live energies and blissfull introspection.


"Ultrarock" that's how Facebook describes the critically acclaimed duo KNALPOT from Amsterdam. With electro, dub, post-rock, ambient and jazz as main pillars, KNALPOT's sound always remains an utterly hybrid mix of many genres. The austrian/french/german duo from Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands most exciting live bands. Gerri Jäger: drums, percussion, casio, synth, electronics Raphael Vanoli: guitar, bass, casio, electronics Sandor Caron: sound design released June 4, 2014

donderdag 18 januari 2018

D. Glare - Style Synonymous With Technique

A collection of field recordings, percussion, reed instruments and synthesised samples recorded during Spring 2017 whilst squatting an empty office block due for demolition in Leeds City Centre, following an illegal eviction from my home of almost a decade. No recordings made during the period were discarded. Each recording was stretched to loop at 58bpm (the natural pace of my controlled breathing for anxiety control), and re-recorded, manipulated with various analogue effects. Performed live with two samplers, reverb and EQ in two halves for cassette release on Zona Watusa ( Mastered by Declared Sound.

woensdag 17 januari 2018

Don't Let Me Be Lost To You B​-​Sides: Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Jewish & Turkish Music from the Me Re, Balkan, Metropolitan & Kaliphon labels

All tracks recorded ca. 1942-58 in New York City except for 29-34 in Istanbul and 35 in Istanbul or Albania. These are the leftover tracks transferred from 78rpm discs for a forthcoming 5-volume / 6-LP series to be issued in 2018. I have left the sound restoration in a partially completed state and the tracks untranslated in order to make the material available quickly and free as a gift to those invested and interested, while I continue to work on the notes and restoration for the larger project. I have retained most of the oddities and spelling variants from the original disc labels, partially to help the digital labeling of tracks for Westerners (especially for Turkish-language names), and partially as a "flavoring" of the confluence of the East and West in that time and place.released September 24, 2017. Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.

dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Mountain Dew = ∆D∆E∆W∆ Black Rainbow

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Mountain Dew=Luc van Weelden (
& Caetano Carvalho (

Morbid Schizophrenic Minds in the Cabaret Noisecore Split with Insomnia Isterica

Imagine being pulverized by an atomic radioactive dust storm. Imagine your last living seconds being reduced to meaningless ashes. Imagine being raped by a whirlwind of sonic destruction. Imagine all this coming to reality. Yes it's possible because Disfigured Human Mind and Insomnia Isterica joined forces to drive you through the most insane musical aftermath ever. You will pray to be deaf on this one!!! Disfigured Human Mind: Cadaver Panafernálicus (All Schizophrenic Screams), Cadaver Efermus (All Morbid Guitars), Rubben Silva (Guest Drummer). Insomnia Isterica 'Cabaret Noisecore' starring:-Attila: Drums / Vomits / Coughing -Giulio: Guitar / Mucus / Fingers In The Nose -Mirko: Sitting On The Sofa / Smoke Signals

maandag 15 januari 2018


O.G. king of the chillers, Aardvarck, with 27 minutes of bathtub ready serenity . . . available for download.
Mike Kivits isn’t your average DJ/producer. A veteran of some 30 years behind the turntables, the man best known as Aardvarck has spent three decades defying conventions, mixing things up and successfully overcoming personal demons. His story, soon to be published in an autobiography offering advice to those battling depression, is nothing less than extraordinary. Now based in the Asian paradise of Bali, Kivits continues to divide his time between DJing and music making.

Shetahr - a sausage has 2

Shetahr is a three headed trash pop band from Brussels. They are primitive, demented and existential. Driven by animalistic drums, edgy guitare and a howling voice they'll bite your face off. Expect a stripped down set-up and a raw performance. This album is recorded by us on a simple 4-track recorder in the Shetahr cave. The cassettes are all sold out but you can still grab the digitals here. Fun For Free! released April 8, 2015. Nick Defour, Lotte Beckwé, Maarten Raskin.

zondag 14 januari 2018

Antti Tolvi - Church Organ (2,5h Meditation)

Somehow moving to countryside made me fade from doing free jazz for years. Focusing more to taiji qigong / zen meditation, more to solo music which had become more peacefully and harmonic. Right after we have moved to Kemiö, some sound nerds from USA (Michael Northam, John Grzinich, Hitoshi Kojo (from Japan actually) and Patrick McGinley) started to wander around our hoods. I got so much inspiration from their work. These guys were totally into drone and sound. Lots of field recording, playing in the nature and stuff like that. All this came in perfect moment as moving towards to something new. After years of working with pianos of course led me to organs, and finally to church organs. This record is about finding the joy of the sound. Just the sound. It doesn't need to have any melody or rhythm. Just sound. About how to find peace inside the music. Letting music to fill you. Feeling it in every cell. And it's not all about the sound. You can feel the warm wind in your whole body. Bird song. Scent of flower. Colors of the sky. Nature. Universe. Taste of strawberry. Its all the same. Just perfect. Let it flow through you. Let the flow take you. Be the flow. Just let go. Accept. After all this, I can easily start playing didgeridoo again. Listen same schlagers what we used to listen with my parents when I was young. It's all good. And has always been. I am blessed with many many good friends. There's not enough space to mention you all, but I'm sure you know you are all here. You are part of the the reason why this all exist. Thank you! Antti Tolvi. This record is recorded 23.9.2015 with one take. No overdubs is added. Recorded in old church of Kemiö (build in 1500 century). released October 21, 2017

zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Wilted Woman - Demon World Visit

Berlin, DE: Wilted Woman alias E. 'lauren' ssslemo (burning eel? dj puddle). Noise / industrial concrète of two weapons groan sound features a techno-Buripu, graveyard soundscapes end values and mysterious mood has spread! Woman is satiety in chef dark techno grill. environment adjustments stalling. motion stalling .motion sta lastk r mmm/mm/o tttin released on cassette by stenze quo released April 2, 2015

vrijdag 12 januari 2018

Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995​-​2015: 20 Years of Experimental Music from Indonesia - VA

Spanning 20 years and lord knows how many islands and cultures, Pekak! is curated by well known musician and promoter, Indra Menus. He has spent the last five years compiling a massive collection of noise and experimental music from all over the archipelago of Indonesia and this tape is a smalll sampler of that collection. Hailing from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and spots in between, these 18 tracks chart a huge and exciting scene from the most densely populated place on earth.

donderdag 11 januari 2018

Solaz - Three Sonic Poems of Ecstasy from the South

"Solaz: Three Sonic Poems of Ecstasy from the South" is the first solo release of A.L. Guillén in Gruppo Ungido. Three pieces that propose multiple visions of Andalucía as a loving sound frontier between East and West. Inspired by sufi text, and its millenary presence in Almería, as the motor of this Union. Repeat and breathe, to finally overflow in every direction. Mediterranean sound garden, when the vibration of its musical traditions is transfigured beyond and here.. . lover and Beloved in Unity. Guillén explores the musical concept of “Ecstasy” carefully in its complexity, without charisma …with sober ecstasy, hidden from the spectacular "supernatural" capitalist notion of “Ecstasy”. This work is the first of a serie of albums by A.L. Guillén that explores the relation between music and sufism from diverse perspectives.

Gruppo Unido is a Netlabel and Anartist Society from the South of Spain, focused in spiritual experiences through music and arts. Intermedia Mysteriums (Obeahs) , netlabel and Cd releases (Obleas).

woensdag 10 januari 2018

Ajax - S​/​T 7"

Ajax's debut EP (KW-038) Debut 7" from NYC's best new hardcore punk band. Taking the blueprint of blistering USHC with riffs reminiscent of Swedish classics like Totalitär and one of the most powerful vocalists going today, Ajax have quickly become one of the most interesting contemporary hardcore bands. released December 9, 2014

Capsular - Demo

Duo creating lush and sombre ambient/drone sounds with voice, guitar and synths. Gijs Luijsterburg ( and Sanne Johanna Brand (Landverraad).

dinsdag 9 januari 2018


Chinese artist Pan Daijing lives in Berlin and is known for her incisive ritualistic experiments in music. Her live performances consist of theatrical performances with sounds inspired on the tribal industrial music of the 80’s, Tibetan music and field recordings of temples. Pan Daijing makes her audience go through a gripping catharsis of ecstasy and claustrophobia. Album:

maandag 8 januari 2018

Dj Bert & Eagle - I AM YOUR MASTER

It may surprise you, but this record hasn't been made on a synthesiser. In the late seventies they didn't really exist yet, and the ones that existed were too expensive. I wanted to make some kind of horror record because all things hereafter have always been one of my many obsessions. I had been borrowing loads of church organ music from the library for quite a while already, and I loved Vincent Price and doing weird voices, so it all came together on these tracks. 'I am your master' was inspired by a particular Dracula movie I had just seen at the time. The count was travelling from an island to the mainland, and there were shots of people behind bars in a psychiatry, with heaps of flies fleeing inside and the weather changing, and one of them said “The master is coming”. It all went from there. Cult Organ Horror originally released on 7". Made in Varsenare, West Flanders, Belgium. 12" Picture Sleeve + Linernotes on the back. Restored & Remastered. released July 3, 2017.

zondag 7 januari 2018

Psywarfare - Throw Away The Ocean 7"

the тide øf тhe εnd is honoured to present to the world 'Throw Away the Ocean' by PSYWARFARE, the noise project of INTEGRITY mastermind Dwid Hellion. This 7" EP consists of six tracks recorded in the 1990s, including a cover of pioneering industrial act Throbbing Gristle's 'What A Day', all now seeing the light of day in June 2015.

GoodiePal & PaLS - Pro-monarkistisk Xtratone

It is a command of an expression of the anger and importence of the state of things, which I think most of us feel all the time. For what should you do? It is far out. A riot plate. It is shivering and screaming fast and at the same time super precise. At times it is sluggish and silly, but still super precise. According to Goodie, the music on the record is not Coda-reviewed and therefore free for everyone to use. It started with a Facebook post and a download link for an HD version of all the music on Wetransfer and an invitation to use it, publish it as you would. Then came on Spotify. Later, it became a physical record and is now available for various streaming and download services. Tour: Goodiepal & pals is a refugee organisation disguised as a contemporary Tek-Rock-Band – conducted by Faroese / European-master trickster: The Goodiepal. All the money that band makes goes straight, to stranded refugees – on the outskirts of the European borders. The following link is a GP & PLS recording made in Serbia. About a number of letters from children to refugees and the answers.

zaterdag 6 januari 2018

S.M. Nurse - Jing Jang Jong

Around 1980 Menko Konings (eM.) started the Dutch underground formation S.M. Nurse, first together with Jos Jak and later also with Anneke Stempher. S.M. Nurse experimented with collage-like music and were inspired by N.Y.-ultra, disco e.g. The band mainly performed in the Amsterdam ultra-circuit (Oktopus, Paradiso), clubs and discotheques. They were played regularly on the famous radio programmes RadioNome and Spleen and performed live on radio in the villa of the VPRO in Hilversum. They also contributed to the theme cassette Turkish Delight of the label Ding Dong and there was a cassette release on the label Top Tape. At the end of 1983, S.M. Nurse split up. All songs composed and performed by Anneke Stempher, Jos Jak and Menko Konings. Guest synth-players: Robby Horsfall on 'Jing Jang Jong'. released January 12, 2014

vrijdag 5 januari 2018

Seize The Means Of Production - Quantum Natives

Now, communism and clubbing aren’t two topics often talked about in the same sentence. On ‘Seize The Means of Production’ however, a 21-track compilation concocted by London-based producer Oxhy and the international Xquisite Nihil collective, the themes dominate the dialogue, in a furious club frenzy against the establishment. Xquisite Nihil, is the URL collective with a universal voice. With counter-cultural cuts, dry wit, and enough experimental prowess to cut you off from your comfort zone completely, it makes the release an eclectic mix, kept in line by a shared artistic vision for all things a little off-kilter. Infested Blandtress opens things up softly, with the cinematic jab ‘which pret baguette are u?’, before things shift left-field with Bala Club’s Uli K and his self-titled, industrial, almost rock-inflected contribution. GANX, Violette, DJ Save the NHS also feature, with stand-out track being Yves Tumor’s take on Paramore’s ‘Pressure’, taking the pop-punk production and pushing it to the outer realms of ambience, as he strips lyrics into lullabies with intricate ease. ‘Seize The Means Of Production’ is available for free DL now via Quantum Natives, check it out below.

donderdag 4 januari 2018

Ballister - Slag

The sixth release by Ballister, recorded live at the renowned Café Oto in London in March of 2015, finds a well-honed working unit that’s settled into the deep groove of their stride in the middle of a long European tour. The trio’s rhythmic drive drags the listener along face first, at times with flat-out abandon, and at times in lurches and spurts. Dave Rempis – alto/tenor saxophones, Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello and electronics, Paal Nilssen-Love – drums and percussion.

woensdag 3 januari 2018

Various ‎– Visions Of Darkness In Iranian Contemporary Music

The simurgh is depicted in Iranian art as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough to carry off an elephant or a whale. It appears as a peacock with the head of a dog and the claws of a lion, sometimes however, also with a human face. Iranian legends consider the bird so old that it had seen the destruction of the world three times over. The simurgh learned so much by living so long that it is thought to possess the knowledge of all the ages. We hope this mythological benevolent creature could be a hope and a a guide in our dark times. Radio: ,Sub label:, Sonologyst:

LEBENDEN TOTEN - Static 12" (LUNGS-101)

LEBENDEN TOTEN is one of the greatest punk bands to ever exist and this 12min one song e.p. proves the they can still do no wrong. When we asked them if they wanted to "get weird" with a single they, albeit very slowly, jumped at the idea. We had no idea what we were in for. It blows the mind all the way open. How do they keep getting better? "Static" is a perfectly wild and superbly crafted sheet of chaotic noise with a pounding goth backbone all jacked up on Hawkwind freakout space jams. Just try and imagine what that sounds like. America's best band. Cut and paste artwork with heavy subconscious symbology laced in printed on heavy duty old world 12" single style top loading sleeves house a Chanel etched 12" single mostly on black vinyl. There may be a couple migraines in there. released June 2, 2017

dinsdag 2 januari 2018


BEEATSZ v2.02 & v2.04 known as Utku Tavil(touring manic/organiser Multiversal/Brain pussyfication) hit drums and fiddle with various electronics. Kazehito Seki aka Self Toxication on Voice x Noise artist hustling in between Noise and Hardcore, focused on feedbacks of a mixer and a stereo microphone.

Logosamphia - PRINCE

Logosamphia is the Iranian-Dutch artist Sadra Hemati. Energetic lives, trashy-noise DIY toys, fluo-pop identity, epileptico-chelou dance, chaotic interludes, cartoon noises that rekindle your tenderest years, new dimensions and a nice lion mask are part of its modus operandi. March 16, 2017, co-released with CRACH records Artwork/concept by Robis Koopmans & Logosamphia Vocals on track 3 & 7 by Chunky Mark the artist taxi driver! All music created & performed by Logosamphia, except for parts of track 6 wich contain Vader Abrahams german version of the smurfsong & track 15 has a little britney spears Toxic implemented. Track 14 is part of the Zelda soundtrack.

maandag 1 januari 2018

ASUNA - Mille Drops

Asuna keeps consistent musicality while crossing the genre, from indie pops using experimental sounds using ambient, drone, various instruments, and releasing / live regardless of domestic and overseas. His new work "Mille Drops" will be announced from Paris based label RÉCIT (Rishi). This work is an ambient / acoustic experiment work with a delicate sound, produced on the theme of "water, rain, waterdrops, ripples".


On a monday off from tour the three members of Dagora, together with Mik Quantius (of Embryo fame) and Thomas Hopf, rode the London Underground down to Drop Out Studios in Camberwell to record two long jams in a room where microphones where hanging from the ceiling with long cables swinging around, placed in staircases and in and around three sets of drums and some amps. Thomas Hopf provides the beat with his signature trade of psychedelic krautrock while RORO and Stephen of Dagora continuously unsettle that beat creating a fading in and out of washes of rhythm and percussive accents. At the same time Mik Quantius and Peter Quistgard move through the room, over on top of keyboards and vocal chords until they find their tune. Personnel: thomas hopf, stephen doyle, mik quantius, pq, rogier smal. Recorded at Drop Out Studios in Camberwell , London, during their September 2012 tour through the UK. released March 11, tozizok zoundz 2013

DSR Lines - Kustvaart in de Ruimtezee

David edren aka DSR Lines is laying out liquifying modular synth stunners as audible acupuncture sessions. Edren keeps his sounds tactly understated and fully improvising explores his scientific aesthetics with delicacy and restrain. In 2012 he co-started the Hare Akedod label, an imprint for electro acoustic improv music.

zondag 31 december 2017

HERRIE=BEK klas-zieke herrie

Herrie is a noise and programmaker at Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam ( Released on August 1, 2014, Stront Records. Het klotelabel Stront is een low-fi label (D.I.Y) met voornamelijk teepjes maar ook Cdrrtjes en is gefixeerd op maffe experimentele geluidjes asociale shitnoise en natuurlijk power-electronics.

Neon Lies - Self-Titled

A minimalistic, darkwave synth project from Zagreb, Croatia, a city you likely recognize from Doomtown Records-branded projects such as The Celetoids and Modern Delusion ( Unsurprisingly, Neon Lies is made up by the same man who’s responsible for the “vocals, lyrics, recordings, and hocus pocus” behind Modern Delusion, Goran Lautar, and appropriately makes a heavy nod towards the brand of music presented therein, specifically in the group’s darkened synth-orientation.

zaterdag 30 december 2017


Released by: COMA †‡† KULTUR ƩNĐ ϴF DΔYS, March 1, 2017, Arnhem, The Netherlands experimental, outsider music, noise

The Decayes - Hornetz

American (Long Beach, California based) psychedelic rock band formed in the mid 1970s by Paul Sakrison and Ron Kane as a duo, fleshing-out to a full band later and gradually shifting to an indie-rock post new-wave type sound. RIP Ron Kane.

Damcase - PI03

The 3rd record from Pi Electronics is by the Rotterdam based, Thessaloniki born producer, Damcase. PI03 includes five original tracks of pu...