dinsdag 2 januari 2018

Logosamphia - PRINCE

Logosamphia is the Iranian-Dutch artist Sadra Hemati. Energetic lives, trashy-noise DIY toys, fluo-pop identity, epileptico-chelou dance, chaotic interludes, cartoon noises that rekindle your tenderest years, new dimensions and a nice lion mask are part of its modus operandi. March 16, 2017, co-released with CRACH records www.crachrecords.org Artwork/concept by Robis Koopmans & Logosamphia Vocals on track 3 & 7 by Chunky Mark the artist taxi driver! All music created & performed by Logosamphia, except for parts of track 6 wich contain Vader Abrahams german version of the smurfsong & track 15 has a little britney spears Toxic implemented. Track 14 is part of the Zelda soundtrack.

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